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Giving birth to a baby makes a woman earn the title of “MOTHER”. Many times it is said just because you give birth to a child doesn’t make you a mother! Because being a mother means taking right care of your little one, cuddling, watching your baby play, being there for the baby every moment and showing your unconditional love every second.

Care is the best medium to express your limitless love to your tiny tot. A part of you who is entirely dependent on you for every small thing and whatever decisions you are taking will make a difference to your very sensitive, soft, gentle one who has just started to see this world with his/her eyes. Your care and touch is a powerful language and a supreme medium of communication for baby.

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Natural ingredients wipes must contain which help in keeping newborn skin healthy are


Purified Water

  • Pure & mild for Baby’s Skin
  • Does not irritate Skin
  • Help preventing Nappy Rashes

Jajoba Oil

It is a natural cleanser which effectively helps in removing dirt from the skin and acts as moisturizer to keep skin soft & smooth.


Aloe Vera Extract

Aloe Vera is enriched with number of natural ingredients and plethora of anti-oxidants which helps in maintaining natural firmness of the skin and keeps it hydrated.


Vitamin E

It is a nutrient supplement to make skin supple, soft and moisturized. It effectively forms a protective layer over the skin and also helps in maintaining skin firmness by inducing fine collagen lines formation.

Mother Sparsh 98 % Pure water wipes contain all these natural ingredients for baby’s soft, gentle and delicate skin without causing any kind of irritation, uneasiness, allergy and infections.

Key Features

What are the key features of perfect wipes ?


Water based and Extra Moisture


Alcohol free


Hypo allergenic (No Allergy)


pH balanced


Non Woven Spunlace Fabric


Parabens Free

Mother Sparsh 98 % Water Wipes are specially designed keeping all these key ingredients in focus. Our wipes are developed under expert supervision and contain quality ingredients that gently cleanse baby’s skin. Presence of all these factors has made it suitable to be used right from birth.


Benefits of using Mother Sparsh 98% Pure Water Wipes

98% Pure Water Wipes

Alcohol Free

Parabens Free

Worry Free

pH Balanced

Non woven Spunlace fabric

Suitable to be used right from birth

Enriched with goodness of Vitamin E, Aloe-Vera and jojoba oil

Moisturizes skin and protects skin from dryness


Happy Customers Says...

I have ordered this product for more than 5 times and I am completely satisfied with the quality provided The price of the product is an extra bonus It is soft damp and mildly scented Overall it is worth a try

Nidhi RanaHaryana

Its a good product, nothing exceptional. The packaging is good as the wipes do not dry up easily, but considering we go through one pack in a week that usually doesnt happen even with the other sort of packaging. There r similar quality wipes for better prices.

Puja Malik New Delhi

I have purchased it and using it from last 6 month Previously I am using johnson baby wipes which was very costly but this is a excellent product less price I am fully satisfied

Shweta Thakur Mumbai

Mother Sparsh Faq's

How to use Baby Water Wipes?

To use Mother Sparsh 98% Water Wipes use these following steps...

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What Cautions should be taken while using wipes?

Certain caution should be taken care while using Water Wipes...

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How to Buy Mother Sparsh Purest Baby Wipes?

Mother Sparsh Purest Water Wipes for babies are easily available at local medical stores...

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Should I use baby wipes on my newborn?

NICE, 2006 (National Institute of Clinical Intelligence) recommended water be used for...

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